Engineered Systems

Driven to Excellence, Plant Drives and Systems Inc. focuses on its Systems Business with the Integration of Variable Frequency Dives and Automation. PDS will first analyze your application and recommend a solution that best fits your needs. A complete proposal will be provided listing product selection, integration and costs.

After project approval, PDS will design, build and implement the system for your application.  PDS will assist in commissioning, startup and provide training for your maintenance and plant personnel.

PDS stands behind their systems with a top-notch service team ready to handle any problem that should come their way.

From start to finish, PDS provides you with customer excellence in drive and automated systems.

Custom Systems


Meeting the requirements of you special drive application is what our custom system business is all about.  PDS staff knows how to evaluate your application and arrive at the best solution.  We have the experience to recognize and specify the drive and automation products that will meet your needs.  Once your custom system is installed, powered-up and commissioned, PDS will stand behind it to make sure it continues to do exactly what it was custom engineered to do.

Textile / Fiber Systems

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Plant Drives and Systems Inc. experience and expertise in synthetic fibers are unsurpassed. Our experienced fibers staff knows and understands fiber manufacturing. We realize a driving force in fibers is maximum uptime and first quality production. Our fiber systems are designed, built and serviced to those strict standards and requirements. Fully integrated systems are available which include AC Drives, Common DC Busing, Power Supplies, Winding and Unwinding Programs, Voltage Dip Power Ride-Thru, PLC controls, Coordinated Ramping, HMI’s, Engineering Design, Documentation and Commissioning. In addition, we specialize in efficient and fast retrofit applications especially during equipment failures and shutdowns. Regardless of what drive manufacturer you are using, we can retrofit your cabinet or process line and get you back up and running. Our facility keeps a complete inventory of hardware to support our customer’s equipment and we ship our products worldwide to meet the demands of customer’s global requirement.

Drive Transfer Systems

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PDS is pleased to provide a redundant drive system that will seamlessly transfer from a running drive to a standby drives. The purpose of the Drive Transfer System is to provide a redundant Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) source with automatic transfer control for critical loads. Common uses include Boiler Draft Fans, Extruders, Polymer Pumps, etc. The system includes two Variable Frequency Drive cabinets and one Transfer Cabinet with power and control components to provide operations of a fault transfer scheme from the running drive to the standby drive. The incoming power for each drive cabinet can be provided from a separate power source to provide power redundancy. The Transfer system can be initiated by automatic transfer or by a manual transfer scheme.

Power Ride Thru Systems

PDS engineering staff has plenty of experience when it comes to Power Ride-Thru. In most applications, customers require a 50%  Voltage dip ride-thru for 30 cycles, in other cases protection is need for a complete 100% loss of power for critical applications. In either case PDS can supply drives and systems that can meet these requirements. We can provide these solutions using drives with special ride-thru capacities, implement a Common DC Busing Platform with Capacitor Ride-Thru, Battery Back-up Systems or by adding DC Voltage regulator.  We have years of experience in designing Power supplies and converting AC power to a Common DC Bus platforms for those needed machine upgrades.

Packaged Drives

Packaged Drives 1

PDS can fulfill your entire Fan and Pump Variable Frequency needs, from controlling air handlers, chill water pumps, boiler feedwater pumps, ID fans and cooling towers to name a few. PDS offers two product lines that have unique Fan and Pump application software to find efficient control to maximize energy savings. These designs are based on years of application expertise in all types of ambient conditions. These solutions enable PDS to fit almost every variable torque fan and pump application to any size and voltage. All of our products are easy to install, commission and provides precise system performance. Each product is supplied with complete documentation including drawings and equipment manuals. These products are ready to meet your application needs and all Packaged Drives are UL 508A labeled.

Panel Building

Panel Builder

PDS can fulfill your panel shop needs to assemble panels for any type of industry. We can provide all the material required to build your panels based on a specified BOM or we can use of our standard stocked products. Our shop technicians are experienced and are excellent in panel layouts, installation and wiring of all components. All panels are assembled in a neat, organized manner making it easier for terminating customers wiring. All equipment and wiring is tested before it is shipped and witness testing the final product is available. Regardless of the application, PDS can build you reliable control panels for you.

PDS is a Certified UL508 UL Shop for Panels Requiring UL508A Labels

OEM Panels


PDS new OEM program is specifically designed for building panels for Original Equipment Manufacturers. PDS will design and build your control panels to standard equipment specifications while meeting UL508A standards. This unique program stocks common parts used in the panels in order to provide quick turnaround in building panels and fast support of replacement parts. Our panels are pre-tested in our shop to insure trouble free installation and start-up. Complete documentation is included with each panel including equipment cut sheets, printouts of HMI and PLC programs, troubleshooting procedures, spare parts list, electrical schematics and equipment layouts all formatted in AutoCAD. This program combined with PDS start-up and commissioning program allows equipment warranties to be extended beyond manufacturer’s standard warranties and provides extension of your support network.

Drive Retrofit Kit

Retrofits 3

PDS is pleased to provide a transparent solution to replace vintage Z200, A200, A500, A024, A044 and E500 series drives with a retrofit kit that will functional replace vintage drives without modifying existing communications with DCS, PC or PLC. The retrofit kits use the latest “State of the Art” Mitsubishi FR-A700 or E700 Series Drives. The direct replacement provides operation of existing functions including communications interface that translates protocol from the DCS, PC or PLC so parameters and mode information is processed properly. This allows the replacement of single functioning drives in a communications loop without having to change the existing communication network.

Each replacement could include the following:

  • Mitsubishi Drive A700 or E700 Series
  • Adapter Plate
  • Communications Interface Board
  • Communication Cable
  • Bezel for Door mounted parameter Unit
  • FR-PU07 Parameter Unit
  • Parameter Unit Cable

These retrofits kits can be also used to replace other manufacturer’s drives. Gives a call and we can provide a proposal for an easy drive retrofit.

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